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Jonathan Woodward
Massachusetts, United States
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80s music, abandoned space, aesthetics of junk, amnesia, anime, antarctica, arisia, avoiding the passive voice, banestorm, books, boston, chosen family, civilian space program, comic books, creature comforts, crushes, davis square, decadence, deconstructing maps, diesel cafe, dry humor, ebay, evolution, finding the right words, five-word interests, flirting, games, geeks, genre, gun-toting archaeologist babes, gundam, gurps, hard-boiled goddess, having a happy childhood, hellboy, hot showers cold air, intentional community, interior engineering, japan, jonathan l. woodward, jonathan woodward, joss whedon, kaiju, legos, litotes, luxury submarines, making out, manga, many many directors, many many writers, meaningful eye contact, mecha, model kits, monster island, mysterious powers, netflix, odalisques, omitting overly obvious interests, online comics, organizing, polyamory, programming, quack?, reading, reference books, rpg design, rpgs, science fiction, serendipity, star trek, steve jackson games, super robots, superheroes, suspects, symbolism, tasty food, the west wing, tooth and claw, understatement, used bookstores, villains, warmachine, warner bros. cartoons, wired magazine, women, words, writing, xyzzy, yrth, zanzibar
Birthday: May 26.