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archangelbeth July 25 2014, 03:47

Kid still didn't got to PhotoCampThing

Which only runs one week, and she's missed 2 days already. But we woke her up, asked if she was feeling up to going, and she said she'd think about it, and then fell back asleep. Which kind of suggests No.

Spouse went to doctor's, I took kid to get lunch, then she did go to her gaming club thing, where two of the people had forgotten their Paranoia character sheets and had Munchkin cards instead. It was a two-hour game. The kid won. (Sadly, the owner of those cards was a sore loser.) I would not be surprised if she hadn't been playing it, like, years longer than they had. ^_^

Still, she messaged for me to come get her, earlier than expected, so... I pretty much have been handed slacker excuses. Hopefully I will actually get a bit done after I finish typing this up. I just have to format That GURPS Thing, and then I can kick it over to someone.

Havva Quote
Q: Is Milo (at least at the start of the fic) an example of how you play D&D?
A: Only when I hate the DM.
--from Harry Potter and the Natural 20, on Fanfiction.net, chapter 23

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editrx July 24 2014, 21:51


Estimate from the endodentist:


Which I must have in hand when I arrive there next week. I postponed the surgery until Wednesday, but I really can't put it off further.

HELP!! I don't know what to do and panic is setting in. I couldn't leave the house today.

dorktowerfeed July 24 2014, 19:44






(I seem to start off a lot of posts that way, these days. I can’t help it. There’s SO MUCH fun news!)




ZOMBICIDE Season Three is approaching the two MILLION dollar mark on Kickstarter, and they asked me to do a Special Guest Survivor pack for the game.

HOLY MOLE did I have fun drawing the Dork Tower crew as Zombie hunters!

This will be a spacial add-on pack you can purchase, as part of the Kickstarter. I’m not sure what the availability will be afterwards, so if you ever wanted a muskrat driving a Universal Carrier, now’s your chance! The Kickstarter ends in three days!

Here are the drawings they’ll be basing the  minis off of:



(And yes, I did draw Matt and Gilly together, and yes REASONS!)

I love my job!

– John

ceciliatan July 24 2014, 18:57

Sylvia Day’s #RWA14 Keynote: “Dream Big. Plan Smart.”

Here I am at my first RWA national conference and the keynote speaker is a writer I feel passionately about: Sylvia Day. Turns out the more I know about her, the more I love her. We have so much in common already and I keep finding out more! I just learned, for example, that she’s part Asian like me. But the most important thing that drew me to her initially was what a strong advocate for erotic romance she is. I didn’t realize she actually founded the Passionate Ink chapter of RWA. Being a longtime erotic writer myself (is it really 23 years since I wrote Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords??) I appreciate very highly the pathway in the romance genre pioneered by Sylvia Day. E.L. James has benefited from that pioneering, and so have I.

Sylvia’s speech opened with a look back at her first RWA conference, ten years ago. She listed off some of the major changes between then and now. Look at all the retailers who are gone–Borders, B. Dalton, Waldenbooks–not to mention publishers like Dorchester. In those days the RWA had a list of approved publishers and agents to steer writers to the “right” places. These days, that’s gone, too, and writers, she said, must make their own decisions about who to publish with or even whether to self-publish.

“It was easier to be a writer ten years ago,” she said, for many reasons. For one thing, we didn’t have social media demanding so much of our time. Nowadays retailers and publishers are “struggling to survive, while one is struggling to dominate.” (I believe she means Amazon, though she didn’t say so by name.) “We’re in the middle. We have to be proactive. It’s not just about writing anymore. It’s about being a businessperson.”

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woodwardiocom July 24 2014, 14:55

Lego And Women Of Color

I just took a few minutes to browse Brickset's database of Lego minifigure heads. I was looking for heads that:
  1. Are identifiably feminine. This means teritary characteristics like lipstick and eyelashes. (Many heads could be male or female, of course.)
  2. Are not bright yellow or "light nougat" (the default fleshtone for Caucasian people).
  3. Are some other color found in humanity (not green or red). I stretched this to include orange-brown (a fake-tan color) and brick yellow (a pale yellow-gray).
The results?
  • Two Ahsoka Tano heads from Star Wars, both very orange.
  • Two Barriss Offee heads and one Luminara Unduli head, all from Star Wars, all brick yellow.
  • Two heads from the Friends line, used for at least six different characters. (The heads are different shapes from the normal minifig head.)
  • And, finally, one head each for Storm of the X-Men, and Stass Allie of the Jedi. These last are the only two brown female classic minifigure heads.
Not all the responsibility for this can be laid at The Lego Group's feet. They mostly only use non-bright-yellow skin tones for licensed characters, like Star Wars (obviously) and Marvel Superheroes. So, all the women of color have to appear in someone else's universe before Lego can make minifigs of them. Still, we can hope for a minifig of Lupita Nyong’o in the next few years (or she might end up green, like Femi Taylor). And the superhero licenses could give us Vixen, Thunder, XS, Bumblebee, Question, Rocket, Photon, Silverclaw, Silhouette, Misty Knight, Moonstar, or Sasquatch*. One can hope.

* The alternate Sasquatch of the Exiles, obviously. Though, since her Lego representation would probably be a huge white hairy beast, it might not count for our purposes.
shadesong July 24 2014, 14:10


* This past weekend, I went to Florida and met my new niece! Pics on Facebook.

* And now Elayna is in FL for the week so I can have my first uninterrupted writing time since April.

* Which is why I have not been on here.

* And why this post is now over.

* ok love you bye
wired_under July 24 2014, 11:36

5 Comics to Read Before Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy



As the latest superhero film looms large, some of you may be wondering if there are any comics you should read before seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. Admittedly, Marvel usually does a pretty good job of making films that anyone can enjoy, but if you really want to know what's up, here are five comics that can help you get started.

wired_under July 24 2014, 11:35

Angry Nerd: For the Love of Zeus, Enough With the Greek Myth Movies



Angry Nerd is hungry for some new material. Instead of force-feeding us cinematic souvlaki with CGI blowouts of Greek-inspired story lines, maybe it's time to look beyond the Peloponnesian lore. And no, Brett Ratner, we will not be entertained with your upcoming Hercules starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

editrx July 24 2014, 05:00

No aliens but perhaps a hot mess

For those from FB, please do follow the link & read this. I can't seem to post there tonight & this is TIME CRITICAL.

The endodontist, who was quite charming and knowledgable, has apparently seen this sort of thing before. His best guess is, given that the higher of the two "things" in my dental x-ray (the one in my sinus) has already moved and flipped from just the other day, that these are broken off pieces from a slightly botched root canal -- the one done years ago that's been hurting ever since. It's the "packing" from the root canal, which is apparently inert organic materials of some kind, which won't hurt me if it stays there.

As to the pain, however, that's another matter. From some simple tests, he's pretty sure there's a contained infection that's probably been there again for years and is flaring up now that the remains of the tooth are being disturbed. He's also pretty sure that there are remains of nerves in there that the original dentist didn't pull out from the root canal, hence the pain.

So, I'm on horse-pill antibiotics, then on Monday I go in and have the old root canal pulled out, he flushes it, and fills it with some sort of medicated gel. Which stays in there for 2-3 weeks. Then he takes that out, flushes it again, and sees what was missed nerve-wise, fixes THAT, and packs up the root canal properly.

Then I make an appointment with my regular dentist to get the crown put on.

I know from experience Delta Dental doesn't pay for root canals or crowns. AND I MUST PAY IT ALL UP FRONT OR I END UP NO TREATMENT. They'll be calling tomorrow with an estimate. I just hope I don't land myself back in the hospital from the sticker shock. I wish I could say this is unusual for dentists, but I went through this several years ago and I still owe people jewelry from when I had to raise money to pay for two root canals up front to be sure the abscess didn't kill me.

And here we are again. But this time I can't make jewelry as I have to run the bookstore 70+ hrs a week.

We have $100 in the bank (a bit less, as I had to put gas in the car to get to the appointment), and right now we're taking in between $60 to $0 per day (several days last week and again this week -- zero! in summer! WTH?!) at the bookstore. With overhead, bills, and book orders (even done ultra conservatively, as we've been doing), that gives us about $60 per week income with this slump in current sales.

You can only imagine how I hate to say this all publicly. But we HAD been doing very well. It's Murphy's Law: I reinvested most of those profits into the store and into necessary improvements (or long overdue ones) to the house & yard. Now that I need the money, the weather turned hot and all the tourists are busy swimming or hiking instead of shopping. Dammit.

Prayers appreciated. Not sure what we're going to do.

Before anyone suggests this again: I checked with the dental schools in Boston (none up here), and I'm (1) not a Mass. resident, (2) have an autoimmune disease and therefore a higher risk & not a candidate for student practice, and (3) this is beyond their scope for "free care" (though if I were a Mass. resident and could prove I have less than $3000 to my name, including car, house, life insurance, and, well in my case the store I own, they would gladly yank the tooth out leaving behind the encapsulated infection -- 'cause, not their purview, dude -- and leave a gaping hole in my head plus the infection). Yeah, not an option.

Pray someone finds us a random relative we didn't know about who died and left us money. Or something.

Yes, you can share this.
archangelbeth July 24 2014, 02:53

A day of... I dunno.

The PMS depression seems to be hitting a little late just now. O:p

Kid was too-much dreading the heat and whatnot, and was generally a little fragile all day. So she did not do the photography thing today. (We got all the way there and she was just... not gonna make it. So we turned around.)

I have been feeling out of sorts and useless most of the day. I have managed to do some formatting stuff on a Thing, but not finished it yet (BLAH!) and am feeling very crabby in general. Maybe I will be able to do... something. Somehow. Later.

Must get the kid to bed! ARGH.

Ivan has eaten a moderate amount of soft food, with much purring, and much, much time-consuming licking. He did manage to eat a few bites of soft food, just now, but it did take a while. I think I got at least one of the 2 capsules of arthritis-meds (glusomate or something?) into him. I am glad that he does not seem to be becoming too finicky about soft food from the fridge, unlike how Baxter got. (Mind, Ivan has good kidneys. Just... arthritis, and grubby teeth. And this weird trouble with getting bites-of-food swallowed, or something.) I am pretty sure that Ivan purring while eating gooshy food is not stress-purr.

Spouse went to bed early. Probably fell asleep early. Hope so.

Havva Quote
The cat: an inveterate moaner
He wanted some pets from his owner
Ah! the wind passes through the shrine without touching.
--Noelle makes Limerick Haiku on the MUSH. (She is also saving all the others she -- and I, and C -- made.)

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