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Thursday, May 10th, 2007

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    Grr, Arrgh
    Poor spelling and such has been getting up my nose more than usual lately. I've been adequately suppressing my urge to correct, but I feel the need to point out one thing (which, apparently, I'll be pointing out every time they make a new movie about him) . . .

    "Spider-Man" has a hyphen. Superheroes vary widely in their name choices (one word, non-hyphenated: Superman, Batman; two words: Wonder Woman, Iron Man; one word, hyphenated: Giant-Man), and Spidey chose a hyphen.
    Speaking of Comics and Hyphens
    So, in the old typewriter days, when you wanted to indicate an em dash — like you find around this brief digression — one accepted practice was to hit the hyphen key twice -- like you find to the left of this brief digression.

    Until fairly recently, most comics were hand-lettered. And yet, whenever there was an em dash in a comic word balloon, caption, etc., it was indicated by two hyphens (famously, in the title of the old Marvel humor comic WHAT THE--?!). The letterer could have drawn a line of any arbitrary length desired; why use a double-hyphen?

    Spider-Sense . . . Cringing . . .
    Yeah, somehow I think this mini-statue of Mary Jane is just a bit too, umm, what's the word . . . rampantly sexist?

    (I think it's the high-altitude thong that really bugs me. Bugged me on Supergirl, too.)

    I want the "Mary Jane and Aunt May in Iron Man's old armor from Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20" action figures.

    (Link courtesy superfinemind.)

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